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Lie Detection Using Technology

Lie Detection is an evaluation of a verbal articulation to uncover a potential lie. It may allude to a subjective procedure of recognizing falseness by assessing message content just as non-verbal cues. It additionally may allude to addressing methods utilized alongside innovation that record physiological capacities to find out the truth and lie accordingly. 
There is a wide assortment of innovations accessible for this reason. 
Here is a list of modern Lie Detection Technology used around the Globe:-
  1. Polygraph:-  Polygraph is used to check the deception of a person. It is based on micro-expressions which are incomplete changes in the reaction such as breathing rate, skin-conductivity, and heart rate. They are controlled by the nervous system rather than your brain. While taking a polygraph test the blood pressure is measured to check blood pressure fluctuation using blood pressure devices. Breathing Rate is tracked through Pneumographs wore around the chest and to check skin conductivity electrodes are worn by the subject. While determining the truthfulness of the subject, the question which is tricky the subject show greater fear, than the relevant ones. The collective measure of relevant questions, irrelevant questions, control questions answered by the individual is then used to identify fear and deception. In the case of Deception, there will be changes in the autonomic arousal system to relevant questions. In the case of no fluctuations, results are non-conclusive. These short term stress responses indicate whether you are lying or not. They have an accuracy of 70% only.
  2. ERP:- ERP stand for Event-Related Potential. It is used to measure brain responses based on sensory or motor responses. In ERP, electrical activity is measured using electrodes placed on the scalp. P100 amplitudes are associated with the truthfulness of an individual. 
  3. EEG:- Electroencephalography or EEG the activity of the brain is identified by placing electrodes on the scalp. Pictures or objects are used while asking questions and meaningful data is collected. Several pictures from the crime scene for instance are shown to the subject. A facial expression produced due to this as used to identify the truthfulness of the subject. These expression decreases when some is lying.
  4. Eye Tracking:- Developed by John Kircher, Doug Hacker, Anne Cook, Davin Raskin, and Dan Woltz for lie detection. It measures the pupil dilation, response time, reading, and re-reading time error. Records are produced when the subject answers true and false answers on the system and then the lie is detected. 
  5. fMRI:- It uses electromagnets which generate pulse sequence in the brain cell. The scanners then detect the different pulses and waves to establish the difference between the tissue structure and identify the difference between the layers of the brain, matter type and to see growth. This allows researchers to see brain-activation and assess its efficiency by identifying the oxygen usage in different parts of the brain. It helps to identify which part is using the maximum oxygen and during which activity. This is known as Blood Oxygen Level Dependent(BOLD).   
These are some of the lie detection technology used around the globe to maintain law and order around the world. Technology keeps on changing day by day and new devices keep on rolling in the market. 

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